Can I purchase the complete picker head unit separately from the pole? 


How long will the mesh bag last?  

We have seen the snaps rust away after 15 years, but the bag was still usable. A replacement bag is not expensive.

Can I use my pool pole? 

Yes,  we have included instructions above showing how to adapt a pool pole to  fit the picker’s stem. Remember to remove the bicycle grip first, and  then drill the handle end  of your pool pole. It is highly probable that you won’t want to put  your pool pole back into the pool after using it as a harvesting tool. 

Can I use a bamboo pole from the jungle? 

Yes, with bailing wire, as is done in Central America

How can I clean my picker/pool pole to reuse in the pool? 

This  can be very difficult, as the debris and sap now stuck to the pole will  not clean up easily. Warm water and a mild soap or vinegar can help,  but you really should consider a purpose built pole specifically made  for picking.  

My  pool pole has an external tightening collar, and won’t lock down after  extending, collapsing in use when I use it as a picking pole. What’s  wrong? 

Poles which have internal  twist-lock cams do not get dirt and debris on the locking mechanism  inside the pole. External “pinch-pole” styles get slippery and grimy  quickly in the field and typically collapse within days of use because  they won’t grip the extension section.

Why does the picker come with four wall-paper stripper blades? 

SHARP  BLADES! HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE! The picker comes with four blades  because of the differences in stem tissue on fruit types. Soft stems  like Mango and Avocado typically only need one blade to cut completely  through. However, Citrus, Lychee, Longan and other types have very woody  type tissue and one blade only cuts halfway through that type stem:  Thus the second blade. The rest are spares.

What is best way to care for the cutting blades, after picking? 

The  blades are made from razor steel, and they will rust quickly when  exposed to moisture. Squirt or oil them with any common household oil  and they can last for many seasons.

How long of a pole can I use to pick very tall trees with high inside fruit?

 The  length of your pole is dictated by the strength in your shoulders and  the weight of the fruit you are picking. A 5 lb. Keitt mango on the end  of a 15 foot pole, held at 10 degrees, is a formidable physics equation.  But you will learn the answer very quickly…

What is the correct way to pick fruit with a Clip-N-Pick? 

The  correct way to pick with a Clip-N-Pick is to use an empty 5 gallon  bucket, placed 10-13 feet away from where you stand. Bring the picker  down to the bucket and flip the frame assembly so the fruit goes into  the bucket, not on the ground. Adjusting the pole frequently is not usual. No hands, no dirt and no leaf litter. 

How can I contact Agri-Valley, Inc.?  

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