What our customers are saying about the Clip-N-Pick Harvester


"We  love your harvest picker pole!!!!! We used it for a full week getting  chestnuts from our tree that is about 25 feet tall. The extension pole  was exactly what we needed. I don't know if you have ever seen a  chestnut pod....they are the size of an apple but with prickly quills on  it that make it impossible to handle with bare hands. The little pouch  worked great so that those prickly little things don't hit you in the  head when they fall."

MaryAnne K. (Schererville, Indiana) 

"This  fruit picker is fantastic. The cutting blades went through avocado  stems like a hot knife through butter leaving the fruit and the branches  from which it was growing totally unscathed. The heavy duty bag holds  about 4 large avocados. Between the smooth picking and the good size bag  picking went many times faster than when I used the old hook and wire  basket Home Depot type pickers. I picked about 10 avocados a minute  including putting them in plastic bags to take in the house. I'm totally  happy with my purchase and would recommend this item and your company  to anyone. 

John W. Hoffman (Boca Raton, FL) 

"I  thought I'd let you know how the "Clip n Pick" worked on my pear tree.  It worked. It worked great! I tried using the tool with and without the  blades in place. The picker works just as well without the blades. The  tough part of using the tool is really a matter of getting a good grip  on the fruit. Once I managed to tease the pear into the little yolk at  the top of the picker it was simple to snag the fruit. It's also a  matter of angle. The closer you get to 90 degrees, the harder it is to  get your grip. I have to tell you that I appreciated your telling me  that you were not sure if this tool would work well on pear trees. It's  nice to run into a company that dosen't make claims it can't back up.  You also told me that pears may grow in clusters that might not be  accessable to the picker. Don't worry about that. A couple of times I  got 3 pears on one pass.. Not too shabby. So there you have it. I'm a  happy camper with a bushel of pears sitting on the kitchen floor. You  have a great product and I'm glad we did business. "

T. Kiernan (Bronx, NY) 

"I  am very happy with the fruit picker that i ordered. I was also very  happy with the prompt shipment as it arrived in time for me to be able  to take advantage of some free time on a weekend to actually use it :)  Family and friends who have also used the picker are very impressed with  it ... it is a design we have not seen before and it works beautifully.  I'd recommend it for anyone and probably most any fruit. We used it for  mangos and it took all the tugging, twisting and pulling out of the  job. You may use anything I send as a "customer testimonial" as I was  very pleased with my order and service. One note on attaching the picker  to the pole. We used a screw through the little hole instead of the  plastic piece that came with it ... it just felt a little sturdier to us  that way. You may want to mention it on the web page as an alternate  attachment method."

M. Mason (Indialantic, FL)